Heatcatcher Ltd

Address: Sussex Innovation Centre University of Sussex Falmer BN1 9SB
Email: info@heatcatcher.com
Phone number: 01273 358 520
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Heatcatcher design and install WHR (waste heat recovery) systems integrating the best available (ORC) Organic Rankine Cycle technology into the kilns and furnaces of energy intensive industries.

At the heart of the Heatcatcher System is an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Waste Heat Generator capable of converting waste heat temperatures from 85C to 400C to low carbon electricity.

The company have extensive experience of integrating the best available proven WHR technology into industrial kilns and furnaces.

A turnkey service starts with an initial proposal, to feasibility study, to full design specification, project management, installation, commissioning and the life time maintenance of the system.

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