Q-Bot Limited

Address: Block G, Riverside Business Centre Bendon Valley Wandsworth London SW18 4UQ
Email: mat@q-bot.co
Phone number: +44 (0)208 877 2709
Website : Website Title
Company description:

Q-bot develops intelligent tools for the built environment, that turn difficult, disruptive and dirty jobs into clean, efficient and safe processes. The tools allow installers and contractors to:

  • Access hard to reach areas where it would otherwise be too difficult or disruptive, for a human operator to do so
  • Survey and understand their environment, automatically building up maps and identifying services that can be provided
  • Apply a range of treatments remotely and provide proof of their application to ensure quality control
  • Use robotic tools to insulate hard to reach areas with the minimal of disruption
  • Provides a surveying service that maps hard to reach areas, identifies and locates services and provides information on the condition of the building
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